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The GOP credit card statements you've all been waiting for

As the bills for state party credit cards belong to GOP officials and staff have trickled out in the last two months, most of the speculation has concerned the spending of one man in particular: former Florida Republican chairman, Jim Greer.

Not anymore. Greer's $500,000 in charges have been distributed to party executive board members and obtained by the Herald/Times in advance of Friday's closed-door meeting. Story here.

Greer responded: "My attorneys and I very much look forward to setting the record straight and the upcoming depositions under oath of Mr. Thrasher, other party leaders, office holders, candidates for higher office, their respective staffs and many others along with all the wide-ranging discovery which will take place. I served the party well and don't seem to be getting the 'statesman's recognition' I was insured in writing and verbally by many that I would receive and I look forward to the future! The course we are all on is not of my choosing , but one that was set by others."