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U.S. Senate race: And then there were three

... Thanks to Libertarian Party candidate Alexander Snitker. At a press conference this morning the 34-year-old office supplies salesman announced he has met the ballot requirements to run for the U.S. Senate -- the first Libertarian candidate in Florida's history to do so.

Snitker says his goal is to raise $2 million for the race, or about 10 percent of the other major candidates, Gov. Charlie Crist, former House Speaker Marco Rubio and Congressman Kendrick Meek.

Snitker lists his top three priorities as: 1) abolishing the IRS and instituting a consumption tax, 2) enacting term limits on the federal level and 3) auditing the Federal Reserve. "This race will prove that the people are screaming for a true change. And they're not looking for Republicans and they're not looking for Democrats. They're looking for regular citizens to step up."

At a later event, Crist responded to speculation he would make the general election a four-way affair and run as a candidate with no party affiliation. What is he hearing from the people? "What kind of comments? Just that they're willing to support regardless is pretty compelling. So I'll just have to listen for another week and see what's best."