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From Haiti, to Miami, to DC, Sean Penn takes up cause of Haiti

The actor -- spotted in Miami over the weekend -- will testify Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which is looking at ways to help the earthquake shattered country "rebuild better."

Celebs have flocked to Haiti in the wake of the disaster, but the Herald says, none were as visible as Penn, the "cantankerous Hollywood bad boy who co-founded the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization. Haiti reminded Penn of his time in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and he felt compelled to respond, he told National Public Radio.

"While many other celebs came and went in a day, Penn moved into a tent, taking operational control of a homeless encampment on the grounds of Haiti's only golf course, the nine-hole Petionville Club."

U.S. AID's coordinator for disaster response in Haiti is also scheduled to testify, along with US Ambassador to Haiti, Kenneth Merten