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Geller calls Gunzburger 'hyprocrite' in his new ad

Steve Geller has fired back at opponent County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger with a new ad "Shame on Sue."

"How do you spell hyprocrite?" asks a female voice as the word hypocrite is typed across the screen. "Gunzburger. Sue Gunzburger. Gunzburger had the gall to attack Steve Geller for earning a living in the private sector while Sue and her family made millions from Broward taxpayers. Sue's son, daughter and son-in-law got government jobs and their family business received millions in county contracts. The Gunzburger family: making millions from us."

The ad refers to a company founded by Gunzburger's late husband, Gerry Gunzburger, who ran Better Than Wood, a plastic lumber company. The products from the company were used for walkways in parks in Broward.

Gunzburger's son Ron Gunzburger sent a response from the campaign last night defending his father's company. The company was the low bidder and awarded its first contract from Broward County before his mother was elected and that after she was elected she received an opinion from the Ethics Commission stating that the company could bid on county projects but she couldn't vote on them.

"As a Commissioner, Sue NEVER -- repeat NEVER -- voted on any BTW contracts," states the press release.

The ad was Geller's counterattack to a recent ad made by Gunzburger's crew attacking Geller for working as a lobbyist.

Geller, who retired as a state legislator due to term limits, had asked Gunzburger to agree to avoid attack ads and focus on their own records, but she rejected his offer. The brawl between the two Democrats for the seat representing southeast Broward including Hollywood will continue throughout the summer.