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Mr. Greene knocks Sen. Nelson on NASA funding

Democratic political rookie Jeff Greene took a shot at U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson on one of his signature issues during a visit Wednesday to a politically active Broward retirement community.

In one of his first public appearances since he joined the race last month, Greene criticized Nelson for traveling last month to Cape Canaveral with President Obama, who has proposed scaling back the space shuttle program that employs thousands of people.

Nelson -- who has served in public office since 1972 and flew on a space shuttle in 1986 -- has urged Obama to preserve NASA funding. Interesting that Greene would nevertheless criticize an elder statesman in his own party.

"I was kind of disappointed when I saw Sen. Nelson flying down with President Obama to terminate those jobs,'' Greene told about 100 members of the Kings Point Democratic Club in Tamarac. "I would rather see the space program stay here because the space program has spawned lots and lots of high-paying, great jobs in that area.''

Nelson's office did not respond Wednesday to a request for comment.