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Politifacting Meek's carpetbagger claim about Greene

Rulings%2Ftom-true U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek says one of his Democratic opponents for U.S. Senate, billionaire real estate tycoon Jeff Greene, is such a newcomer to Florida that he wouldn't qualify to run for any other statewide office. Meek makes the claim about Greene's residency on a campaign website he created in May 2010 called LeaveittoGreene.com: "Jeff Greene only moved from California to Florida in the last two years. In fact, he would not legally be allowed to run for any other statewide office because he has not lived here long enough to meet the residency requirement." We were interested in both parts of Meek's claim, so the questions are: when did Greene move to Florida and would his tenure here be long enough to run for any other statewide office?

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