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Willl support for AZ immigration law hurt McCollum, Rubio with Hispanics?

Some Hispanic supporters of the Republican frontrunner for governor, Bill McCollum, are reeling over his new support for a tough new immigration law in Arizona.

"I am reconsidering my endorsement,'' said state Rep. Juan Zapata, a member of McCollum's leadership team in Miami-Dade who chairs the education fund for the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. "All this law does is fuel an anti-Hispanic fire...All it does is cause fear and innocent people to be persecuted. If you happen to look Hispanic, they're going to go after you? What about about an elderly person who doesn't speak English?"

Another member of McCollum's leadership team in Miami, Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, said, "I personally do not agree with the position and will never compromise my beliefs or principles...Even with the changes that were made to the law, I still feel it sends a negative message,..It sends a message of saying we don't believe in immigration and we don't believe immigration has benefited our country. It pits local police departments against local residents, which goes against all aspects of community policing.''