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Crist in crisis mode makes the rounds of morning TV shows

Gov. Charlie Crist continues his crisis management mode today regarding the oil spill as he appears on three morning shows to discuss the encroaching oil spill after his aerial tour yesterday. He said early reports indicate that tarballs are already reaching the beach. "That's very disturbing news and not the kind of news we want to hear." He said he has requested additional boom and skimmers from Admiral Thad Allen. "I appreciate that but it's a very difficult situation."

Asked on CNN American Morning if he was satisfied with the federal response, Crist said: "Satisfied is an interesting word. We'd always like to have more." He emphasized that "most of our beaches are very clean, the water is untouched...and the people should continue to come."

He was also asked the media question of the hour: how angry are you? (Especially after reports that the Coast Guard knew early that the well could gush as much 8,000 gallons and hour.) His answer: "Hopefully we're getting the best information in an accurate way as it happens." As for the anger part, he said: "This is an emotional situation. I mean a state as beautiful as Florida, if you envision the concept of oil coming up on our shores and it doesn't make you angry, something's wrong with you.

"We're concerned. It's very discouraging. I also have a responsibility to lead and in order to be able to lead you've got to keep a cool head in order to be able to lead. This is a hot game."

So has the criticism of the president been unfair? "I think he's doing the best job he can. My goodness. There's a lot going on in the world and the president I think is trying to focus on what's happening here."

On the CBS Morning Show, Crist was asked if the state is getting the support it needs. He repeated his request for another $50 million from BP to combat the impact of the oil "and we're going to keep asking and asking and asking so we can get as much as we can."