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Crist says Argenziano and Skop's rejection is 'very disappointing'

Gov. Charlie Crist expressed dismay at the PSC nominating council's decision today to reject the reappointment of Commissioners Nancy Argenziano and Nathan Skop to the state utility board. 

"I am enormously disappointed,'' Crist told the Herald/Times. "I think that both Nancy and Nathan have done an exceptional job particularly looking out for the consumer. It shouldn’t be surprising to me, but it’s very, very disappointing on behalf of the consumers of Florida. They have served with such dignity and great passion and intellect for ratepayers all over the state."

Crist has eight names he must sort through to decide which of them he appoints to the first two open positions, vacated by the Senate's rejections of his two nominees: Benjamin "Steve" Stevens and David Klement. He said, "I think we’ve got some good candidates,'' but is still unhappy that the last two were not confirmed. "That was shortsighted and was more about politics than doing what’s right for the people of our state."

He said he will be guided by candiates who are "people with intellect and people with a compassion about them and a concern for the people. There’s an added element now that relates to the Gulf and that we have people who are open minded as it relates energy issues and the notion that we should encourage more independence from oil."