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Ex-Menudo promoter rips Sink for opposing gay marriage

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the leading Democratic contender for governor, recently told The St. Petersburg Times: "I don't support gay marriage. I think that is entirely a religious decision that individuals can make. I do support civil unions."

Darrin%20McGillis%202010%20Photo That statement led Darrin McGillis, who is among about two dozen gubernatorial candidates you've probably never heard of, to label Sink a "bigot" in a press release. "Ask yourself - Is using religious teachings to deny equal rights to gay people any less wrong than using religious teachings to discriminate against people of color or against people of different cultures wanting to marry?" he asked.

Who is this guy? He unsuccessfully challenged Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin in 2008, and he's a concert promoter who represented Menudo, the popular 1980s boy band featuring Ricky Martin. According to a Miami Herald story during the 2008 campaign: He was arrested on organized fraud charges in 1999 and had the charges dismissed as part of a plea deal that required him to pay restitution of more than $22,000. He has been sued twice by acquaintances who accused him of repeat violence, cases he claims were motivated by money. He has sued eight different people and organizations in Miami-Dade, while a member of Menudo sued him claiming sexual harassment in Puerto Rico but later retracted the claim. McGillis also has been sanctioned by the Third District Court of Appeal for filing frivolous and repetitive briefs.

Here's a must-see look back at Menudo, just for fun: