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Former Crist aide bashes the guv over oil spill

As one of the last Republicans to leave Charlie Crist's Senate campaign when he left the GOP, one-time Crist spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg is now the Republican National Committee's mouthpiece and unleashed this zinger amid news reports** that her old boss will be stomping tomorrow with VP Joe Biden in the Panhandle:

"As Floridians’ frustration with the oil spill continues to rise, it’s becoming clear to everyone except Governor Crist that the Obama Administration is failing to solve this crisis. How can the Governor continue to praise this Administration when it has taken 71 days for Vice President Biden to even visit the Gulf, the leak hasn’t been capped, and additional skimmers haven’t been able to make it to the region? This is a real tragedy with real consequences for Floridians, and instead of simply singing the praises of the Obama Administration, Governor Crist should focus on providing concrete solutions for the people of his state."

**Note: Crist's office denies he'll be with Biden