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Greer's attorney: 'It's a basic political assassination'

Jim Greer's attorney, Damon Chase of Lake Mary, called the arrest of his client "basic political assassination."

"You can indict a ham sandwich because your only presenting one side of the case," Chase said. "Ultimately when you show the rest of the story .... you realize it's not criminal."

An associate of Chase's law firm, who is representing Greer in the civil case against the Republican Party of Florida for a breach of contract, said FDLE agents are "ripping apart" Greer's upscale home in Oviedo as a part of a search warrant. "It's like a movie," Chase said.

Greer's first appearance is set for 1:30 p.m. in Seminole County court where his attorneys will ask for a lower bond, which is currently set at $105,000. He is expected to be released later today.

UPDATE: A jail processing snag kept Greer from making the scheduled first appearance. His attorney is in the process of bonding him out (at $105,000) at the moment.