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Johnson gets no jail time for agreement

UPDATED: Delmar Johnson, the inside source who provided information that led to the indictment of former Florida GOP boss, Jim Greer will not face criminal charges after agreeing to testify.

Johnson, the party's former executive director, agreed to testify "concerning the extent of his compensation or remuneration ... attributable to his involvement in the scheme to obtain monies from the Republican Party of Florida," according to the four-page agreement obtained by the Times/Herald.

The deferred prosecution agreement released Tuesday outlines his sweet deal which comes with immunity. "Johnson voluntarily came forward and self-reported his involvement to the Republican Party of Florida and state and federal law enforcement," statewide prosecutor Bill Shepherd wrote.

Johnson agreed to repay $65,093 to the Florida GOP and also agreed to make controlled phone calls as a part of the investigation. Asked about the deal, Johnson's attorney Bob Levinthal said it was fair. "What would the state party auditors and state law enforcement know if not for Delmar Johnson," he said. "Maybe you could equate him with a whistleblower ... who gets rewarded for his cooperation."

Levinthal refused to disclose further details about his client's role in the investigation. But said he came forward before being asked to.