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Kendrick Meek: BP won't sleep as long as I'm in office

The Florida Democrat -- who is seeing Charlie Crist poach some Democratic voters -- Wednesday addressed a group of liberal activists, vowing to hold BP accountable for the mess in the Gulf.

"I will tell you tell you, as long as I have a voting card, BP will not sleep well because they know there's a 6' 3" 250-pound member of Congress that's thinking about them and will make them accountable in this disaster," Meek said to applause.

Meek spoke before a gathering of activists organized by the Campaign for America's Future. The same group -- which is less than thrilled with President Barack Obama's record on progressive issues -- gave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi an angry reception Tuesday, screaming at her as she delivered a 30-minute address.

Meek told the activists to "keep up the good work, continue to challenge us."