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Men-only events at RPOF

Some interesting nuggets in the Florida Depatment of Law Enforcement investigative report into former state party chairman Jim Greer.

From former party (and Charlie Crist) finance director Meredith O'Rourke: O'Rourke stated that she was aware of Greer having "men only" meetings. As an example, O'Rourke recalled a "Thank You Trip" that Greer planned for the major donors to Governor Crist's "Yes on 1" amendment dealing with property taxes. As a thank you to major donors, Greer took several major donors on a trip to the Bahamas. No female staffers were allowed to go on the trip although Delmar Johnson and Greer's travel aide, Jeremy Collins went on the trip. O'Rourke also recalled speaking to a female lobbyist friend, Beth Kigel who relayed to her of a "men's only" meeting at the Governor's Club in Tallahassee, Florida wherein Greer and Governor Crist were attempting to solicit major donors for the Governor's "Yes on 1" initiative. Kigel informed O'Rourke that she was excluded from the meeting while one of her clients, a male client, was allowed in to the meeting....

From Kigel's FDLE interview: Kigel said that Greer held a meeting sometime in 2009 at the Governor's Club in Tallahassee to discuss Amendment 1. Kigel stated that she attended the meeting with a client of hers. On the way in, Greer stopped Kigel and told her that she was not allowed to come in the meeting. He then told her to take care of the ladies at the bar. According to Kigel, the client told her that the meeting was about donating money to Amendment 1 and that Greer told everyone in the meeting to not discuss the meeting with anyone, including Kigel. Crist and Harry Sargant attended the meeting....Kigel said she heard of another trip from a client that took place in the Bahamas. Kigel was told that she was not supposed to know about this meeting either. Kigel further stated that she heard that women were involved and paid.

More from O'Rourke: O'Rourke claimed that Greer made inappropriate sexually related comments in her presence. O'Rourke gave an example of being in a group including Greer, wherein Greer made the comment that if he gave her (O'Rourke) a contract, she'd have an orgasm and if he gave her a credit card contract, she'd have two orgasms. O'Rourke claimed that Howard Gruverman and Scott Rothstein were present when the comment was made. O'Rourke stated that she also observed inappropriate sexual comments on blogs that she suspected Greer wrote as she observed grammatical errors in the blogs that she knew Greer to make regularly.