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More juicy details from the affidavit

  • Greer told RPOF fundraiser Meredith O’Rourke that “there was a lot of money to be made in political fundraising.” When she rebuffed his offer, she was shut out of meetings with donors that were labeled as “men’s only.”
  • Later, she was forced to take an 85 percent pay cut. Greer had her leave her hospital bed and drove several hours to Tampa to sign the contract, but decided against it after seeing how much money was being cut. As she left the meeting, before she got out of the parking lot “her BlackBerry account controlled by Mr. Greer was already canceled.”
  • Delmar Johnson and Greer’s names were deliberately scrubbed from Department of State documents for Victory Strategies. They only listed a staffer at Gray Robinson law firm.
  • Greer was suffering personal financial problems in 2009 and overdrew his bank accounts six times, at an average of $10,000 a month. The top overdrawn amount was $25,392.
  • To get himself out of the hole, one unidentified RPOF donor stated, “Mr. Greer pleaded for financial help, so he sent Mr. Greer Ten Thousand Dollars a month for over eighteen months.”
  • At an April 2009 RPOF budget meeting, Greer said fundraising was down and he would have to cut Johnson’s salary. He never did. But six staffers lost their jobs.
  • By October 2009, Greer was under such public scrutiny for his spending that all RPOF expenditures required a second signature from Alan Bense, who was given a special title to help calm donors fears.
  • After he was confronted at a December executive board meeting, “Greer responded by saying that he was a wealthy man, had a legal defense fund, and, if warranted, would take legal action against his accusers.”