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Awkward? Scott explains immigration stance to Hispanic crowd

The Republican frontrunner for governor, Rick Scott, got a polite but less-than-enthused reception yesterday from the Latin Builders Association in Miami, and some in the audience blamed his hardline stance on illegal immigration.

The politically influential LBA does not support states taking immigration policy into their own hands, as did Arizona, with its new law allowing police to question suspected illegals. Scott has pledged to bring a similar law to Florida. Rival Bill McCollum initially opposed the law and and has spent weeks trying to convince voters that he likes it after all.

The group asked Scott four questions. Immigration came first.

"Our federal government has failed to secure our borders. No doubt about it,'' Scott said. "I believe in the rule of law...The police should be able to ask someone if they are legal or not. It's common sense."

Scott and McCollum are expected to face tough questions on immigration when they face off in Miami Monday in a debate hoted by Univision. 

For all the millions of dollars Scott has been pouring out of his own pocket onto statewide television, he hasn't spent a cent yet on Spanish-language media. He said Friday that he cut a Spanish radio ad that morning.