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Bush Repub. speaks out against 'stupid..immoral' AZ immigration law

Not every Republican is pushing for an Arizona-style immigration law in Florida. In an email chat with former U.S. Attorney Marcos Jimenez, the one-time Bush appointee said this about the law that empowers local police to become de facto immigration officials:

"I think the law is unconstitutional (the district court judge in Arizona agrees), economically stupid, racist, immoral and un-American."

Most of his fellow Repubs probably disagree with him. Consider Attorney General Bill McCollum's written statement inveighing against the judge's preliminary injunction to stop the law in Arizona:

"Today, the sovereignty of states has been dealt a serious blow by the  judge’s order blocking implementation of some of the most significant provisions of Arizona’s immigration law. The order will prevent law enforcement from performing critical functions under that law while the Court deliberates on the constitutionality of the law’s key provisions. The Obama Administration continues its efforts to strip rights away from our states, and we should all be very concerned about these repeated intrusions."