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Down in polls, McCollum declares 'We are going to win this election'

Attorney General Bill McCollum suggested "polls vary a lot" and he is not worried about the latest Quinnipiac survey showing him down 11 points in the Republican governor's race to rival Rick Scott.

"The fact of the matter is we know we are down a little bit to Mr. Scott," McCollum said before Thursday's state Cabinet meeting. "We are going to close strong and we have the resources to do it and we are going to win this election."

McCollum pointed to the poll by the Florida Medical Association -- one of his chief supporters -- that showed him down four points. "We have a long way to go and there are a lot of undecideds in that polls itself," he added.

Asked what he needs to do to turn his campaign around: "I'm simply going to be telling the truth about myself. This man's been telling lies on television with millions of dollars for weeks now. And I'm going to get an opportunity to finally spend my own money where I talk about the governors race."

McCollum's own cash is running low -- he recently received an infusion of state matching dollars to keep him afloat against Scott's millions.

The Q poll showed an increasing number of voters looking at McCollum unfavorably but he said he has no intention of curtailing the negative advertising souring voters.

"Well, look, there's no negative advertising in my campaign at all," McCollum claimed. "Some of the outside groups have been running advertising that are pointing out the truth about Mr. Scott and that's not negative."

The outside group -- Florida First Initiative -- is controlled in part by McCollum. And his definition of negative advertising is questionable.

His campaign is running a radio advertisement in the Panhandle suggesting Scott made thousands of dollars from abortions performed at his hospital chain -- a claim the Scott campaign considers a untrue and negative attack.