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Obama: We got the Everglades back on the "danger" list

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is hailing today's decision by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to once again add Everglades National Park to the list of World Heritage in Danger.

The Everglades has been on the World Heritage List since 1979, but was removed from the danger list in 2007 at the request of the Bush administration. The Obama administration asked the committee to put the park back on the list.

"The Everglades remains one of our world’s most treasured – and most threatened – places," Salazar said. "The federal government must once again stand up and meet its responsibilities to Everglades restoration so that one day we can remove the park from the list of sites that are in danger."

The list is intended to focus attention and, thereby, resources of the international community and encourage action to address those threats.