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The Jim Greer jailhouse recordings

On the day Jim Greer was jailed for alleged fraud, the former Republican Party of Florida chairman found himself in a strange world as he scrambled to find a bail bondsmen, his lawyer, a suit for his first court appearance and his kid's tennis coach to cancel a lesson, according to recordings of his phone calls from the Seminole County Detention Center.

The recordings, which have received scant attention in the press, reveal a bewildered Greer, who had garnered a reputation as a high-rolling party boss. In jail, Greer often didn't know the time, had little clue about the specific charges against him and acknowledged that jail was ``tough.''

But Greer also struck a defiant tone and said he was the victim of prosecutorial misconduct. Greer's wife, Lisa Greer, also made sure to bolster her husband's spirits.

``Now listen, there's going to be press all over this,'' she told him. ``So you smile. You hold your head up high. And don't walk in there like a beaten down dog, you hear?''

``Ok,'' he told her.

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Recordings here:

Download Call1

Download Call2

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