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Who will be Sink's running mate? The screening starts

Chief Financial Office Alex Sink has absolutely no incentive to do anything to distract from the Republican cat fight underway today in Florida by announcing a running mate before the primary. So expect her to draw  attention to her race right after the primary with an announcement.
By most accounts, she is looking at men, but no one close to her is willing to rule out the possibility that she could choose a woman, such as Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, who could be a compatible partner although she wouldn't bring much regional or gender diversity.
Other names that have surfaced: 
* Former state Sen. Rod Smith, a former Alachua County state senator and conservative choice from the middle of the state who has some name recognition as a former candidate for governor.
* Former Miami Mayor Miami Diaz, a Cuban-American who could draw Hispanic voters in the voter-rich county of Miami Dade and could pull voters afraid of Scott or McCollum's hard line on immigration.
* Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, a former state senator.
* State Rep. Keith Fitzgerald of Sarasota, a politician science professor at New College.
"She is actively looking at who would be the best fit for her in the governor's office,'' said Steve Schale, a Democratic consultant who is advising Sink. He said she is undergoing a very methodical process and "it's something she's taking seriously.''
Schale denied that Sink is calculating a political advantage as she considers who to pick. "Her No. 1 priority is the find somebody that's a good fit for her to govern,''  he said. "There are a lot of folks who want to judge the politics of it -- what region benefits, that kind of thing. But I don't believe she will make a selection on those kinds of variables.''
Is that short-sighted? "You make a good pick and the politics works itself out,'' he said.