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Zingers from FL Dems' Jefferson Jackson dinner

So many speakers, so little time to blog. Here are a few memorable one-liners from the parade of candidates who spoke at the Florida Democrats' annual Jefferson Jackson dinner fundraiser Saturday night:

-- From Senate candidate Kendrick Meek: "I'll be the only one that hasn't run as a Republican in the past."

-- From his opponent Jeff Greene: "We put a man on the moon 40 years ago and we're just now inventing an electric car." (The third Dem in that contest, Maurice Ferre, declared himself the "sleeper" candidate.)

-- From congressional candidate Joe Garcia, who lambasted Arizona's controversial immigration law: "I can assure you that I am an American citizen. I've got [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Rick Scott's hate mail to prove it."

-- From congressional candidate Luis Meurice, a longshoreman: "I will take [Republican congressional candidate] David Rivera to the woodshed. That's the way we do it on the docks."

-- From attorney general hopeful Dan Gelber: "I was called [former Gov.] Jeb Bush's chief nemesis, and I am proud of that designation."

-- From his opponent, Dave Aronberg: "They have swift boated me but I'm still standing."

-- From Alex Sink, the state's CFO who is running for governor: "Sometimes I sit at those Cabinet meetings and think to myself, 'Who are you people? And what are you doing for Florida?'"

-- And from Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Karen Thurman, after Sink had mic trouble during her speech: "Even before she's governor they're trying to silence her."