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Bill McCollum: Alex Sink might have more character than Rick Scott

As if we didn’t know the Republican governor’s race was personal, newly anointed frontrunner Bill McCollum is unsure about whether he’ll back rival Rick Scott, assuming Scott wins the Aug. 24 election.

“I’ve never had a person run against me who had a track record like Rick Scott has. It’s very questionable. It’s very questionable. I don’t personally know the man,” McCollum said.

“We’ve got an issue about character and trust in this man and I’m still holding back judgment. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t support him. I’m just telling you that I don’t know enough yet to say that I would,” McCollum said.

So does Democrat Alex Sink have issues of trust and character?

“Not to my knowledge,” said McCollum.

Would you vote for Rick Scott in a general election?

“I don’t know. I’m withholding judgment,” McCollum said.