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Bored during the Gov debate? Play the Dems bingo card

If you get bored during tonight's GOP primary debate for the governor's race, the Democrats have a solution: play the bingo game they just released. See the rules and card below:

    *  Whenever McCollum or Scott says a word or phrase in one of your boxes, check it off.
    * If you check 5 boxes in any straight or diagonal line, you win McCollum-Scott Bingo!
    * The center box, "Idea-Free Zone" is free. Since neither Scott nor McCollum have any ideas to tackle the challenges Florida faces, you can go ahead and check that box off right away.
    * If either McCollum or Scott throws a punch at each other, everyone wins!
    * Since McCollum and Scott think they're above the rules, cheating is welcome and encouraged. Just don't tell your neighbor...