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Broward officials: Dania ballot mix-up affected 'fewer than 10 voters'

Dania Beach resident Richard J. Curry woke early this morning so he could vote but when he arrived at S004, his precint, he was given the wrong ballot. "I looked at it and there wasn't a governor's race. There wasn't a senate race,'' he said. "I approached one of the poll workers who said 'that isn't this election.' I was trying to get to work and I didn't have time to debate her. I filled voted that ballot and left.''

Curry, a registered Democrat and math teacher at Plantation High Community School, called the Broward Supervisors of Elections and was told he had probably received the ballot for those registered as no party affiliation, he said. "She basically told me, I was out of luck.''

Broward elections spokeswoman Evelyn Perez-Verdia said that between 7-7:15 a.m., Curry was one of "fewer than 10 people that were given non-partisan ballots,'' at the Dania Beach precinct. "The situation was fixed immediately.''

She said that once the supervisor's office learned of the mistake, they called all Broward precincts "and made sure everyone is aware there are three ballots" (one for Democrats, Republicans and no-party affiliation.)

"We have over 6,000 people working for us on Election Day,'' she said. "People commit human errors.''

Curry is disappointed that his vote didn't count. "I always vote. I don't care if it's an ant's race,'' he said. "This is discouraging that I can't vote for governor's race and the senate.''

If any voters have problems in the future, Perez-Verdia said, they should call the elections office at 954-357-7050.