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Chamber Poll: Bill McCollum by 12 (?!)

So the Herald/Times has a poll showing Rick Scott's up by 10 percentage points over Bill McCollum. Comes now the Chamber of Commerce, which shows quite the opposite: McCollum by 12. Sure, the pollster works for McCollum and the chamber has endorsed McCollum. But numbers are numbers. Methodologies vary (like vs. registered). And there's something in the water.

From the analysis:

Bill McCollum has regained the lead in Florida’s Republican primary race for Governor. In McLaughlin and Associates’ most recent poll, Bill McCollum has a 12 point advantage over Rick Scott on the Republican primary ballot for Governor (45% to 33%). Another 20% of voters are undecided. Bill McCollum leads among important demographic groups such as moderates (48%/27%), conservatives (43%/36%), white voters
(45%/33%), Hispanic voters (52%/21%), men (45%/33%), women (45%/32%), voters under age 55 (43%/32%) and voters over age 55 (46%/33%).

Download Aug 13 Gov Poll Numbers Memo