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FPL manager: We edited the 'independent' investigative report

New questions have arisen over the Florida Power & Light's report commissioned by the company into allegations from a whistleblower that FPL provided inaccurate and out-of-date information to the Public Service Commission on its nuclear plant development project.

FPL spokesman Mark Bubriski pointed us to this section of the report, written by Concentric Energy: "Certain information provided by FPL in the 2009 NCRC was out-of-date and did not represent the best information available at that time; FPL is currently taking steps that Concentric believes will address this concern for the future."

And he pointed to this section: "Concentric views the response to Staff 5-53 as being accurate, reliable, and responsive, even though the document referred to was out-of-date." 

Bubriski said FPL disagrees with the finding that the information provided to the PSC was out-of-date and argues that there was no attempt to mislead the PSC.

A source within the company contacted the Miami Herald, however, to raise questions about Bubriski's statements. What Bubriski didn't say, one FPL manager told us, is that "Concentric provided us drafts of their proposed report so that we could make edits. Through our attorneys and, as directed by management, we were able to edit their so-called independent final report."

PSC Commissioner Nathan Skop has requested that FPL CEO Armando Olivera be required to appear before the commission to answer questions about the company's internal investigation and the Concentric report. The majority of the newly-revamped commission, however, don't seem to want to do that.

Noted the FPL manager: "If Mr. Olivera were to testify under oath and [is} asked if Concentric provided us a draft of its report for us to review and edit, and [asked} did we in fact edit it, he would have to answer yes to both."

We are awaiting FPL's response.