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Greene gets green -- but not with Obama envy

Greene bus

Standing in front of a compressed natural gas pump in Tallahassee, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene expressed reservations Thursday about the cap-and-trade legislation in Congress.

“I think the cap and trade concept has been difficult to work because they can’t seem to figure out how to do it,” he said after touring a Leon County school district facility that uses natural gas to power buses. “But I think the long term goal of discouraging people from using dirty burning carbon and encouraging them to use clean burning energy like natural gas is something I will push in the Senate.”

Greene dismissed President Barack Obama’s embrace of rival Kendrick Meek at an event in Miami last night. “I’ve been running against the Democratic establishment since I got into this race,” he said. “I’m not running on endorsements. Kendrick Meek is running on endorsements and very few accomplishments.”

As for Gov. Charlie Crist, who he faces in November if he wins (along with Republican Marco Rubio), Greene said. “It will be a clear choice. More of the same with Charlie Crist, a failed Republican governor: 3 to 12 percent unemployment rate change, third worst foreclosure rate in the country, environmental disaster off our coast, nothing but problems.

He added, “The fact is Charlie Crist has to run on his record of destroying the state’s economy. That’s what I think is his biggest problem.”