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Greene says he will support Dem nominee

At a campaign rally press conference near the American Legion hall in Tallahassee, Jeff Greene was clear: “I will support whoever the nominee is because I want to make sure that we have a Democratic-organized Senate in November."

(The event had its share of hiccups: In addition to reporters, two or three potential voters/joggers came by. The event moved from a nearby coffee shop after the owner said, "I just really resent people setting up political stagings in my coffee shop without telling me." An American Legion volunteer asked Greene to move off the property and stand on the public sidewalk for his press conference in front of a Vietnam memorial. Besides that, it went off without a hitch.)

Greene did not directly forgive Kendrick Meek for his negative ads (Meek said he has forgiven Greene), but did acknowledge, "We’re all one big Democratic family. We’re all going to rally together tomorrow night, so of course everyone will forgive everybody.”

Asked if Barack Obama is an "adversary" of Israel (see Greene's mailer), Greene had this to say: "No, I think the president is – I commend the president for organizing the September peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

The relevant text of the mail piece reads: “At his White House visit in March, the American President refused dinner or photographs with Binyamin Netanyahu, a diplomatic snub reported widely throughout the world. Israel needs our support, militarily, monetarily and morally, more than ever before. As Senator, I will defend our Israeli Prime Minister no matter who the adversary.”