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ICYMI: Obama supports Meek

Anxious to bring Democratic voters drifting to Gov. Charlie Crist back into the fold, Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek has been reminding voters everywhere he goes that he's one of the few primary candidates backed by President Barack Obama. At a time when some candidates would rather not be tied too closely to the increasingly unpopular president, Meek features a picture of him and Obama on the front page of his campaign brochure. 

In an e-mail to reporters today, political strategist Steve Schale, who led Obama's successful campaign in Florida, blamed Meek's Democratic rival, Jeff Greene, "and to some extend, the Crist people have been pushing this absurd rumor that the DNC and the President are not supporting Kendrick Meek."

Please direct your attention, Schale added, to today's appeal from the arm of the national Democratic party, Organizing for America, urging Obama supporters in Florida to go out and vote for Meek.

"He has been a champion for middle class families and somebody who has not been afraid to stand up to the status quo and the special interests,'' said OFA Director Mitch Stewart, echoing Obama's remarks about Meek when he visited Florida last week.