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Jeff Greene rethinking Cuban embargo stance

That yacht trip to Cuba just keeps coming back to haunt Democratic Senate hopeful Jeff Greene.

The much-discussed trip didn't come up on This Week in South Florida Sunday morning. But it must have been in the back of viewers' minds when Greene said he has had a change of heart on his support of the Cuban trade embargo.

"I have thought about this a lot, you know, the past few weeks, and I'm really beginning to rethink my own opinion that," Greene told WPLG-ABC 10's Michael Putney. "I'm thinking now we have to take a close look at opening travel to Cuba, and the trade embargo."

Greene went on to call the embargo "a 50-year plan that's failed." "We've hurt the impoverished people of Cuba," he said. "For Florida, we're the biggest losers," he added, arguing that any trade or travel to Cuba would likely include a stop through Florida.

"I'm not saying let's open the doors tomorrow, but I'm saying when I get to the Senate I want to take a close look at considering making a revision to this, what is absolutely a failed policy."

In response, Kendrick Meek chuckled and said, "Well...I haven't had a change in opinion on Cuba in the last two weeks, and I don't know why Mr. Greene would change in the last two weeks. Maybe he can explain to us why." Meek reiterated his support for the embargo, adding: "I am open to looking at other tools that would bring about free democracy in Cuba."

Greene then countered, "As I traveled around Florida the last few weeks, as I talked to Cuban Americans and all Floridians, for the most part, most Floridians now want to open up trade, travel to Cuba. That's how most Floridians feel."