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Jeff Greene stumping in Kendrick Meek territory

While U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek was holding rallies with former President Bill Clinton, what better for Jeff Greene to do than go to Liberty City, a community in the heart of Meek's congressional district?

Greene attended a "community party" at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, where there was a percussion band, face painting, barbecue and, later, a DJ.

Inside the center, the real-estate mogul talked about creating jobs and forming a "national infrastructure bank" to fund infrastructure improvement projects. He didn't talk about public housing or crime -- two issues people who attended they event said they wanted to hear about -- but before walking on stage, Greene told reporters, "This area has just got nothing but problems...People don't have enough to eat." (To apparently drive the point home, Greene stood on stage next to a table piled with canned goods and ramen noodles for a food drive.)

Greene ended his speech by acknowledging Meek but not praising him -- only his mother, former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek. Greene has slammed Meek for seeking money from Dennis Stackhouse, a developer who paid Carrie Meek as a consultant.

"I know this is Kendrick Meek's district," Greene said. "He's a perfectly nice fellow, and I'm a big fan of his mom, who was an exceptional congresswoman."