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Jeff Greene's ticket in Palm Beach includes Aronberg

Greene palm card U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene is telling fellow Democrats to support Dave Aronberg in the tight primary for state attorney general.

Greene is distributing this voting guide in the Democratic central Century Village of Palm Beach County, a key battleground in Aronberg's race against Miami Beach state Sen. Dan Gelber.

Greene hasn't made an official endorsement of Aronberg, a state senator whose district includes parts of Palm Beach County. But this palm card is close enough.

For Gelber's camp, it fits the growing narrative. Greene, who made a bid in California for Congress as a Republican, is joining forces with Aronberg, who is under fire for ties to a 527 political group linked to Republican.

Gelber's campaign held a conference call Wednesday featuring Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a top supporter, who said she is "disturbed and disappointed in Dave Aronberg."

In the call, Gelber asked Aronberg to disarm by ending the use of 527s, which allow unlimited contributions. A political committee tied to Aronberg, Florida Mainstream Democrats, gave more than $180,000 to Voters Response, a 527 that is airing TV ads promoting Aronberg and attacking Gelber.

Gelber, too, has a 527 political committee. His is called Common Sense. Gelber, who blasts the influence of special interest money in campaigns, said he is not worried about looking hypocritical now that he is playing the game he despises. "I hate them," he said. "I would never use one. ... But I can't unilaterally disarm."

Gelber said he has no reaction to the idea that Greene is supporting Aronberg.