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Joe Garcia, David Rivera coast to primary victories -- and the attacks begin

Now the bickering can begin in earnest between Democrat Joe Garcia and Republican state Rep. David Rivera, after the two sailed to easy primary victories Tuesday in the race to replace GOP Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart.

And the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wasted no time Tuesday night to attack Rivera as "unfit" to represent South Florida. The DCCC and the Florida Democratic Party have been hammering Rivera over an old, nasty attack raised by his primary opponents and a curious collision on the Palmetto Expressway in 2002. (See the Florida Dems' web video on the subject here.)

"David Rivera should fully expect for his scandal plagued past to be rejected by South Floridians this November," DCCC spokesman Shripal Shah said in a news release.

Meanwhile, Rivera issued a release on his own, commenting on his win and calling Garcia an "oil-lobbyist and DC-insider."

“Tonight begins a campaign between two very different people with different views and different motivations," Rivera said in his statement. "My opponent is the ultimate Washington insider who defends the broken ways of Washington’s culture of corruption."

Let the games begin.