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Klein tracking West remarks on a 'fat, dumb and happy' Somali pirate and more

There had been rumblings that Democratic Congressman Ron Klein was recording Republican Allen West's statements and was getting ready to pounce.

Today, Klein's campaign released a list of highlighted remarks West made on a variety of topics -- from a fat Somali pirate to liberal bloggers to George Bush -- made during Blog Talk radio Aug. 3. Klein's strategy: attempt to use West's own words against himself.

"This campaign season, we know that your inboxes and Twitter feeds are filled to the brim with pitches, spin and slant. So here at the Klein campaign, we offer you something different,'' states the press release from campaign spokeswoman Sarah Rothschild. "We're going to let Republican congressional candidate Allen West (FL-22) speak in his own words. No BS, no spin. Just radical positions, extreme rhetoric and out-and-out lies - all straight from the horse's mouth."


Here is what West's campaign manager Josh Grodin had to say in an email in response:


"Just another Tuesday in South Florida - Ron Klein and his political cronies are attacking Allen West instead of having a legitimate policy debate about his record of failure in Congress.  3 1/2 years in, and what has he done?  A Florida unemployment rate in 2007 of 2% that is now nearly 13%, the 3rd highest foreclosure rate in the country, and the list goes on.  Klein is nothing more than an ultra-liberal lap dog of Nancy Pelosi, and his policies are leaving our country in ruins.  

Let’s talk about the differences.  Allen West wants to cut taxes, Ron Klein has and continues to support tax increases.  Allen West wants to cut government spending, Ron Klein has voted for massive spending increases.  Allen’s policies will unleash the American worker to increase productivity, and the American small businessperson to create more jobs.  Klein’s policies have cratered our economy.  It comes down to a simple question – are South Floridians better off today than they were in 2007?

Allen is ready to talk about the issues affecting South Florida anywhere, anytime.  Ron Klein should stop hiding behind press releases and start explaining his failed policies.”

Here is the portions of West's statements that the Klein campaign highlighted:

Department of Education and Department of Energy: West flip flops and says he does not want to eliminate the Department of Education and Department of Energy but examine them. He says, �That is what I mean by going back, not eliminating, which is what the left came up with and what Ron Klein came up with, but I said we need to examine the Department of Education, we need to examine the Department of Energy.� However, West previously said the agencies have �got to go.� (West�s �One Year Out Rally� at Embassy Suites in Boca Raton 11/4/09)

2.���� Liberals want soldiers to die so they can put them in the newspaper and talk about how bad war is: West says, �Remember the thing that they don�t like about me, on two points. The first point is that I prevented U.S. soldiers from losing their lives which meant that they would not be able to be put in their newspapers and talk about how terrible war is.

3.���� Enslave the individual: West says there is a battle where on �one side you want to enslave the individual, you want to expand the nanny state, the entitlement mentality, or do you want to free the entrepreneurial spirit of this country?�

4.���� Patrick Murphy and Joe Sestak hate the military: West says, �Because we saw them trying to go out and find Iraq War veterans who hated the military and hated being in Iraq and poke out against George Bush, a la Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak, who is now running for Senator.�

5.���� West thinks he would have been President if he had spoken out against George Bush: West says, If I had come back from Iraq and I had spoken out against the Iraq war, if I had spoken out against George Bush, if I had condemned the Army for what they did to me, I guarantee you, chances are I would be the one on the Democratic Party sitting in the White House right now because I would have been a hero to them.�

6.���� Attacks on West�s military record: West is asked how Congressman Klein has attacked his record. Rather than naming a single example, West said: Well one of the things is, we look at the liberal blogs that are emanating out of South Florida and they are just a mouthpiece for him, they are kind of like his little snippy little Chihuahuas that he sends out and they were starting to kick up and talk about Iraq and what happened. We even had a person that called into a local radio station that called me a common criminal, so we knew that these type of things were going on.�

7.���� The left wants to see us defeated on the battlefield: West says, �So it just comes back to how nefarious is the left? They are so interested in seeing our country defeated on the battlefield that they are willing to put out our classified information and put our men and women on the battlefield at risk.

8.���� Why �liberals� hate Allen West: West says �liberals don�t like about me is the fact that when I came back from Iraq, I didn�t decry about how terrible it was and how I was a victim and how George Bush sent me to Iraq and didn�t properly train me.�

9.���� Liberals hate principled individuals: West says, the liberals hate, they hate principled individuals. They hate people that stand up with courage and confidence and character because that is something that they are lacking.�

10.Somali Pirate captured should be at the bottom of the Gulf of Aiden as well: West suggests we should have drowned or killed this man instead of arresting him and putting him on trial. �The one Somali Pirate we captured last year sitting around in New York fat, dumb and happy, he should be sitting in Guantanamo Bay, or he should have been at the bottom of the Gulf of Aiden as well.�