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'Release the deposition' guy shouts out Rick Scott presser

Armed with a bullhorn and shouting "release the deposition," a Bill McCollum supporter interrupted a presser by Rick Scott just before he cast his ballot on Election Day at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Naples. The anonymous young man, dressed in a doctor outfit, would only say his name is "Doctor Dave." He has stalked Scott around the state to raise awareness about a deposition Scott gave in a case involving a chain of walk-in clinics, Solantic. The deposition, given six days before Scott ran for office, is sealed pursuant to a settlement agreement. Scott won't release it, saying it's a "private matter."

Problem is, that's fodder for McCollum's special-interest fueled Florida First Initiative political committee, which paid for the rental vehicle driven by Doctor Dave. It looks like he lost his partner, "Inmate 2010," who's dressed in black-and-white jail stripes.

Video coming later.....