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RGA defends McCollum in GOP primary

The Republican Governors Association waded into the Florida gubernatorial primary Tuesday, condemning Rick Scott for distorting the facts in his TV ad linking Bill McCollum to indicted state GOP leader Jim Greer. RGA Chairman Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi, tried to maintain neutral ground in the primary but the statement still supports McCollum. He asked Scott to pull the ad.

The statement: “The RGA is not involved in the Florida GOP primary now nor do we plan to be.  However, specifically related to the latest ad Rick Scott is running against Bill McCollum, we want to set the record straight.
“The truth is that Bill McCollum’s leadership is part of what led to the removal of Jim Greer. This ad distorts the facts and was clearly created without any knowledge of what actually took place.  It has no place in this primary. We ask Mr. Scott to pull this ad and move forward in the primary in a constructive manner.”