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Rick Scott attacks Bill McCollum on immigration

So first Rick Scott says he backs the Arizona immigration law. Then Bill McCollum, after saying Florida didn't need a law "quite that far out," comes out with a proposal he says will be tougher than Arizona's -- and takes heat from South Florida's Hispanic community. What does Scott do?

Why, take out an ad on Spanish-language radio bashing McCollum for not listening to his Hispanic advisers -- and promising that he, Scott, will work with the Hispanic community. This is the community, of course, who taught Scott about eating dinner late, drinking cortaditos and not starting weddings on time.

Here's the translated text of most of the ad, which is narrated by an angry-sounding woman:

"Bill McCollum attacked the Arizona law saying it was too extremist. That was before changing his opinion. Who is he trying to convince? Ladies and gentlemen, this is mocking and disrespectful to our community. He should make up his mind. Where does Bill McCollum get his immigration advice? Those are definitely the people who lent him their support and are now left with their mouths agape. We don't want another politician who rejects the advice of leaders like Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen or activist Ana Navarro. It is a great calumny. We need a governor who will respect the opinion of our community, not a politician who says anything to get elected. Rick Scott will work with our Hispanic community, will listen to us with respect. Rick Scott es the only candidate for governor who understands us. Vote for Rick Scott..."