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Ron Klein: Back from the Mideast, wants answers from Lebanon

"By Prime Minister Netanyahu's point of view, this is an act of war," Klein said of Lebanese troops opening fire near the border fence between Israel and Lebanon, killing a senior Israeli officer. Klein said it was one of several attacks that happened within 48 hours of his bipartisan congressional delegation visit.

He said he's written a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking for an investigation into whether Lebanon used any U.S.-supplied weapons in the attack.

He also met with American troops in Afghanistan and said he told members of the Afghanistan Parliment that the U.S. involvement isn't open-ended.

"You need to build your military, you need to build up your police," he said he told them. "You need to convince your people that they have a better life under their goverment than the Taliban, threatening people and cutting off their heads. But there's a window here, the American people have tremendous good will, but they expect the Afghanistan people to stand up for themselves. This is not an open-ended engagement here."