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Scott calls McCollum the 'Tonya Harding of Fla politics'

GOP front-runner Rick Scott stormed into the Florida Press Center on Tuesday with fire in his eyes as he lit into rival Bill McCollum for "abusing his power" in his attacks on Scott's company Solantic.

"Bill McCollum has stooped to an ultimate low in Florida politics," he said. "He is clearly abusing his power and he will do anything to win the race so he can hang on to his power. In short, Bill McCollum is the Tonya Harding of Florida politics."

Scott saved fire for the press corps in the question and answer session. He repeatedly refused to release his deposition (taken six days before he filed for governor) in a civil lawsuit against Solantic. A lawsuit filed this week by a McCollum ally seeks access to the deposition. Scott received a subpoena in that case as he entered the press center.