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The Rick Scott Solantic boomerang

Just six days before Rick Scott announced his bid for governor, he was deposed in a case that alleged his healthcare company Solantic had broken Florida law by filing false medical licensing information with the state.

But what Scott said April 7 might never be known to the public.

Within a month, Solantic settled the 2-year-old case and signed a confidentiality agreement with Dr. P. Mark Glencross, who claimed his medical license was misused by the Jacksonville-based chain of walk-in clinics. The state has no current or former investigations into Solantic over the licensing issue.

At the same time the case was quietly settled, the Republican front runner was drawing attention to Solantic on the campaign trail by boasting of his business background and the company's patient-centered, low-cost healthcare model, which provides ``Starbucks style'' transparent pricing at almost 30 clinics around the state.

The Glencross lawsuit -- along with nine other court actions filed against the company since 2001 in Duval County -- tells a different story. Taken together, they portray the company, and sometimes Scott by extension, as a ruthless employer who discriminated or cut corners in pursuit of profit.

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