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Trippi gone from Jeff Greene campaign

We already told you last week that Jeff Greene was bringing in a new media team - Tad Devine and Julian Mulvey, supposedly to supplement the work of Joe Trippi & Associates. Now the campaign says that Trippi & Co. are out altogether.

"I thank Joe Trippi and his talented team for their incredible work in my campaign. They helped catapult my candidacy to a double digit lead, with a clear message that an outsider and proven jobs creator will get real result for the people of Florida," said Greene in a statement. "Moving forward, our new team will build on the momentum of the past months as we work towards victory in the primary and general election."

Paul  Blank, the senior adviser based in Florida is gone: "We left on good terms. Jeff's in a position to win and we wish him the best of luck," said Blank, Trippi's partner.

We're waiting to hear from the campaign whether Jessica Vanden Berg has left as well. The campaign also announced today that Vincent Rongione was coming on board to manage day to day operations, which was supposed to be her job. Rongione most recently managed Bryan Lentz's successful congressional campaign in Pennsylvania.

Greene has also told people Bob Shrum was helping with the campaign. I asked him about Shrum today:" I talk to Bob often, and he's giving me some good advice,'' Green said. "Tad Devine and Bob work together and certainly he'll be helping out."

Not so fast. I tweeted something about Shrum and Greene, and smart guy Chuck Todd followed up with this: "Bob Shrum is NOT working for Jeff Greene in ANY capacity. Simply a friendly convo between two. Nothing more."

So there you have it.