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Underdog Moore wants "Buddy" (sic) Chiles as LG

Just a friendly note to remind you that yes, Virginia, there is a Democratic primary for governor. Underdog candidate (and former socialist) Brian P. Moore of Hernando sent a release this morning criticizing Alex Sink's early choice of Rod Smith as her running mate. More oddly, he said that after Tuesday's uprising of frustrated Democrats, he plans to call "Buddy" Chiles and ask him to be his running mate. (His spelling, not ours.)

Chiles spokesman Jim McClellan e-mailed this over: "While I'm sure he appreciates the consideration, Bud Chiles will continue his own independent campaign for governor."

For his own LG pick, Chiles said he is looking for someone in southeast Florida. Stay tuned all weekend for other news of the primaries -- including some of the more contested ones.