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West and Klein both oppose Ground Zero mosque

Republican Congressional candidate Allen West has asked Democratic Congressman Ron Klein to oppose the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City. From a West press release Thursday:

"As you know, yesterday morning I delivered a letter to Ron Klein, asking him to put down partisan politics and join me in sending a strong message to President Obama from the constituents of Congressional District 22, demanding that he side with the vast majority of the American people and condemn the building of the mosque at Ground Zero. As I mentioned in my letter to Klein, the Constitution allows for freedom of religion; however, the proposed mosque goes well beyond the First Amendment.  .... it is important that we come together at this critical moment to send a clear message to our President - the hallowed ground in Lower Manhattan is no place for an Islamic cultural center and mosque."

Klein provided a quote to the Palm Beach Post Monday morning, according to Klein spokeswoman Sarah Rothschild. We couldn't find that quote on the Post's website but here's what he said according to Rothschild:

“Ground Zero is sacred ground," Klein said. "It is a place where thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives, and religious and political controversy should not be injected into the memorial site. This is simply not the place for any religious or political institution, instead, Ground Zero should be a living memorial where all Americans can honor those who were killed on September 11, 2001.”