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Atwater says he didn't know about DLP's letter to DOC

More fallout from our story today about the connection between a disgruntled contractor with the Department of Corrections and Senate Majority Leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla. (You'll remember that the senator wrote a letter to DOC on behalf of the contractor just a week after his brother received a $15k check from the contractor.) The contractor, Dr. Allan Jacob, said his staff met with Diaz de la Portilla's office, as well as staffers with the governor's office and Senate President Jeff Atwater's office.

Atwater's official spokesman David Bishop said he could not find records of Jacob's employees meeting with anyone in the office -- though the office is in transition and many old staffers no longer work there. But he said Atwater did not know anything about the letter until we wrote about it: "It was totally done by the majority leader."

We are trying to find more information about Atwater's reaction to the letter. From a statement from CFO opponent Loranne Ausley: "If Jeff Atwater had an ounce of courage, he would stop the pay-to-play culture and influence peddling running rampant in his chamber— but I won’t hold my breath.”