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Kendrick Meek: Political differences take a back seat

From Kendrick Meek's campaign on the death of Mario Rubio:

"Since learning of the news on Friday morning, I along with my family have kept Marco and his family in our prayers. The passing of a father occurs only once in a lifetime and ever the dutiful son, Marco was where all children would hope to be during this time of family need - at his dad's bedside surrounded by family. That Marco's father could come to this country with next to nothing, raise a loving and growing family to include a son who is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida, is a testament to the strength of the Rubio character and proof positive of the greatness of this nation

"Political differences takes a back seat to the priority at hand - caring for a mother and spending time with family. Let mourning be combined with celebration for a life that is exceptionally American, a life that only a handful of people have ever lived. My wife Leslie, our children, and my mother Carrie extend our condolences to you Marco and your family."