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Maddox calls Putnam 'hypocrite' on green energy

Democrat Scott Maddox today blasted his opponent in the agriculture commissioner race, Adam Putnam, for what he calls hypocritical votes in Congress against green energy legislation. Maddox cited six bills, though he said the "big one" is the stimulus bill, which provided Florida will $34 million for solar programs, part of which would pay down the state's backlog of solar rebates it promised.

"These votes made by Congressman Putnam hurt everyday Floridians," Maddox said. (Reaction from the Putnam camp to come.)

The solar rebate money is currently held up by the Legislature, which argues it is not legally able to spend the money yet. Maddox called on Putnam to urge lawmakers to release the funds.

Also on hand at the press conference was a solar power company owner who relocated his small business from Tallahassee to Arizona. Pete Rosen of ProSolar Systems said he has about 20 customers owed $1 million in rebates. "I'm a 37-year Florida resident and unfortunately I can't work in my home state."