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Pastor says he'll cancel Quran burning in exchange for moving the NY mosque

New developments: Dove Outreach Church Pastor Terry Jones said this afternoon that he will cancel the Quran burning event in exchange for moving the proposed mosque from the Ground Zero location. "This has been a very, very difficult, trying time," Jones told reporters outside of his nondenomination church in Gainesville.

He said he will travel to New York to meet with the Imam on Saturday and ask him to move the mosque and "we would consider that a sign from God." More here.

Jones said he has been in contact with the Imam and "he has agreed to move the location. We felt that would be a sign that God would want us to do that....The Imam has agreed to move the mosque. We have agreed to cancel the event."

There is no confirmation that the Imam is willing to move his mosque and in a statement, he said he has not spoken to Jones and will not "barter" his religion.

Jones met with the FBI for 35 minutes today, reportedly received a phone call from Defense Secretary Robert Gates and received an appeal to cancel his plans from President Barack Obama. Also Thursday, the state department issued a travel warning for Americans.