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Putnam responds with pro-green energy votes

Adam Putnam responded to Scott Maddox's charge on green energy with this statement: "My record of support for alternative and renewable energy technologies is clear, and dates back years before the home stretch of a statewide campaign. I was an early leader shaping America's farm policy into renewable energy from cellulose, rather than just corn."

The campaign also noted two major bills that Putnam supported, the 2008 farm bill, which extended several renewable energy programs and provided research funds for cellulosic ethanol production. He also voted for a bill lauded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "an historic bill to make America more energy independent." That bill, among other things, required more stringent fuel economy standards for cars.

Check out the rest of Putnam's statement below:

I have been endorsed by the Florida Feedstock Growers Association, a newly formed organization of farmers dedicated to growing our way toward greater energy security. I have a plan to make the most of our resources to generate waste to energy, create electricity and cellulosic ethanol from energy crops grown here, and creating jobs here. My vision for Florida is optimistic, substantive and clear. We can use traditional industries like agriculture to create new jobs in our state. If I wanted the same tired old name calling, I'd have stayed in Washington.”